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"Contrary to commonly held beliefs, we human beings have available to us all the knowledge and resources necessary to keep our soil healthy, and to produce vitally healthy food.

But we don’t.

We have available to us all the knowledge necessary to have a wholesome, dis-ease free culture.

But we don’t.

We have available to us the knowledge and resources necessary to nurture and educate our children so they may grow up as secure, loved and loving individuals able to be creative, response-able, productive, self-sufficient and fulfilled.

But we don’t.

We have available to us all the knowledge and resources necessary to end poverty and produce sufficiency for everyone.

But we don’t.

We enjoy enough wealth on our planet to feed, clothe, house, educate and nurture every human being.

But we don’t".

Our mission at Lifestar is to contribute to bringing about a world in which we do these things, and more, in a nurturing social context. Our intention is to function consistent with bringing about such a reality, and to be a resource for others seeking to live in such a world. We know that what we do and how we do it matters.

Our company was created to facilitate a new paradigm of health, well being and the art of healing.

We believe that following this new paradigm is not only good business, but the key to nurturing social relationships. With this in mind, we've adopted the following basic ground rules at Lifestar:

•To support the spiritual nature of life.

• To operate within that context.


Lifestar was created to launch a new paradigm for health and well-being by focusing on the source of suffering/lack of health and learning to transcend it. More than 70,000 clinically documented cases of spontaneous remission of every major class of disease known testifies to the possibilities. Consistent with this vision is the development of a teachable model for inducing natural and sometimes spontaneous recovery from health challenges, as well as authentic products and information that support doing so.

The results of testing in this context are arrived at using the bioenergetic work of the founder of Lifestar, as well as the detailed work of David R Hawkins M.D., Ph.D. spanning more than 20 years and explained in this summary from his Ph.D. dissertation titled "Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibration of the Levels of Human Consciousness".

The following Abstract and Summary are quoted from this extraordinary scientific work.


"The non-locality of quantum reality infers what is called in Chaos Theory a space of infinite potential, which corresponds with physicist David Bohn's implicate universe and is identified in this study, in accordance with Bohm's terminology, as consciousness itself. The implicate order, although invisible, contains within it all potentiality and infinite energy.

The kinesiologic response demonstrates the connection between the unseen implicate order and the observable explicate order of the physical universe. Just as an x-ray film demonstrates the hidden patterns of the x-rays themselves, the kinesiologic response demonstrates the existence of invisible organizing patterns in human consciousness. These stratified energy levels are termed attractors in Chaos Theory. These patterns determine whether the kinesiologic response is positive (muscles go strong) or negative (muscles go weak). A true statement results in a positive response (power) and a false statement results in a negative response (force). This occurs in all individuals.

Man's perception and therefore behavior and feeling states are associated with non-linear attractor patterns in the space of consciousness itself, which exists independently of the awareness of the individual. These attractor energy fields were calibrated on an arbitrary logarithmic scale of relative power from 1 to 1,000 by the use of the kinesiologic testing technique. These findings create a recontextualization of the human experience, and their practical implications are explored in such diverse fields as politics, science, art, sports, philosophy and commerce.

Events in history are explored from a new perspective, which allows for a more precise explanation of human events. An example is an examination of the relative power positions of Mahatma Ghandi versus the British Empire. The power of Ghandi's position at the time calibrated at 700, while that of the British Empire stood at only 175. Thus knowledge of this technique has a predicted potentiality in human affairs.

This study explains how anyone may obtain the same information and gives simple instructions on how to obtain unlimited data in any field of investigation. In a society whose primary capital is information, this described technique for obtaining previously unobtainable data is of broad social value and application."

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"The exact nature of consciousness as well as man's capacity to differentiate truth from falsehood have preoccupied the human mind for thousands of years, and the problem is the emergent focus of current scientific research. Kinesiologic testing is a simple, replicable and well-known technique for studying the effect of a wide variety of stimuli on the human organism.

In recent years, it has been used to demonstrate the response of the nervous system to mental and emotional states. Its practical use as a delineator of truth from falsehood and constructive (life supporting) from destructive stimuli was investigated in 4,864 subjects, both individually and in groups. In the populations studied, the technique proved to be accurate (p< .05)

The kinesiologic response bridges the mind-body dichotomy and affords a means of demonstrating identifiable levels of human consciousness which were calibrated on an arbitrary composite logarithmic scale of power which is parallel to the requisites of the classic perennial philosophy.

The responses in the studied population suggest that the kinesiologic response affords access to non-local information that is not time bound and may be a characteristic of consciousness itself.

Practical applications are suggested in the arts and sciences and humanities as well as commerce and philosophy. The results warrant further research in the use of this method to study the numerous facets of the human condition and reflections of attractor fields and demonstrate the levels of consciousness."


"Authentic answers to questions about human suffering cannot be arrived at from reasoning, conjecture, opinions, scientific study or agreement. Truthful answers to these questions, or any others can be arrived at using the human body as a biofeedback tool with its innate ability to respond to what's true or false with a respective increase or decrease in initial muscle strength when tested. As a product of nature, the human body relates more to what exists naturally and less to the inventions of man, and it is capable of revealing the verifiable differences more than 99% of the time with more than 99% accuracy. The body's sacred wisdom and its ability to discern the difference between what's true (beneficial) or false (harmful) is the basis of the work I unknowingly began in 1976, quite often as an unwilling student, and that eventually evolved into the purpose of Lifestar in 1987...... and it continues."


We believe that following our purpose as stated previously, is not only appropriate for our business, but the key to nurturing social relationships. With this in mind, we strive to function within these basic statements of truth.

“God is all that exists”
“God has no opposite”
“God is context”
God is Nature

"Health is a natural state of existence"

A further elaboration of what is meant by the above statements of truth is taken from the book by David R. Hawkins M.D., PhD entitled "I" Reality and Subjectivity" and can be made with absolute certainty about the nature of God in the following 23 statements:

  1. God is both manifest as the Totality and Allness of Creation and simultaneously unmanifest as the Godhead, the Infinite Potentiality and source or "voidness" prior to form.
  2. God is infinite beyond time or depictions of space or locality, without beginning or end.
  3. God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.
  4. God is the source and substrate of consciousness, awareness, knowingness, and sentience.
  5. God is the sole source of the energy of life.
  6. God is the source of evolution and Creation, which are one in the same.
  7. God is the source and presence of peace, love, stillness, and beauty.
  8. God is beyond all universes and materiality, yet is the source of All That Is.
  9. God is the sole source of existence and the potentiality of beingness.
  10. God is the ultimate context of which the universe and all existence is the content.
  11. God is the a priori formless source of existence within all form.
  12. God is not within the province of the provable or the intellect.
  13. God is the source and essence of the subjective state of "I-ness" called Enlightenment.
  14. God is the radical subjectivity of Self-realization.
  15. God is descriptively immanent and transcendent.
  16. The human experience of the Presence of God is the same in all ages, all cultures, and all localities.
  17. The effect on human consciousness of the experience of the Presence of God is subjectively transformative and identical throughout human history. It leaves a timeless mark that is verifiable as a calibration of a recorded level of consciousness.
  18. The essence of God does not include human frailties, such as partiality, the desire to control, favoritism, duality, judgementalism, wrath, righteous anger, resentment, limitation, arbitrariness, vanity, revenge, jealousy, retaliation, vulnerability, or locality.
  19. The variabilities of the depictions of Divinity reflect the variabilities of human perception and the projections of the impediments of the ego and its positionalities.
  20. The purity of the Presence of God is traditionally the essence of the ineffable quality of holiness and is the basis for the depictive term "sacred." That which is devoid of content is the equivalent of Innocence.
  21. When the obstacles of human mentation, emotionality and the ego's structures from which they are derived are transcended, the Self as God Immanent shines forth of its own accord, just as the sun shines forth when the clouds are removed.
  22. God is the context and source of the karmic unity of all Creation, beyond all perceptual descriptions or limitations, such as time or space.
  23. Truth is verifiable only by identity with it and not by knowing about it.


Our Objective

Our primary objective is education about Health as a natural state of existence and to provide authentically natural nutritional products, restorative systems, and information that supports being in a natural state of health, and contributes to the quality of people's lives... products and information that really does make a difference... products and information where the difference is in your experience so you don't have to rely on advertising rhetoric to make your choices... products and information that health professionals feel confident in using and recommending... products and information that clients like to tell their friends and loved ones about.

Lifestar nutritional products make a difference you can actually notice in your own experience. They do not stimulate or stress the body as a drug or any other synthetic substance does, but nurture and help restore a more natural state consistent with nature's wise design. We believe our nutrient material to be the world's safest, most authentically natural and chemically-free nutrient material available for commercial use in the production of vitamin and mineral supplements and other forms of nutritional products.

We also provide information which will enable you to make your own distinctions in the marketplace in serving your nutritional needs. We think the more you know, the more wisely you can make your choices and mentor those who rely upon you for guidance.

Quality Control

All Lifestar brand products are researched and developed exclusively by us, not through formulation or tableting companies who manufacture and private label products for anyone who hires them. We employ outside laboratories to do the necessary analyses we require. We do not formulate according to scientific hypotheses or other interpretations that override nature. We use a form of bioenergetic testing that identifies the synergistic relationship between naturally occurring elements. Following these principles allows us to produce truly natural products, as verified by Kirlian and aura-imaging photography, applied kinesiological testing, electro-dermal screening, Vega testing, Voll and Interro testing, etc.

All living things have a congruent energy field that testifies to the life that exists within them. This energy field dissipates as the life force dissipates. The more balanced and congruent the life force, the more vital the health of the organism. In Germany, the quality of this field as exhibited in Kirlian photographs has been used successfully to determine the state of health of individuals and the detection of various early forms of illness, long before more obvious symptoms manifest. The energy fields of Lifestar Living Food Concentrates speak for themselves. Our products typically out-test others when using various forms of energetic testing, such as Vega, Voll, Interro or any level of Applied Kinesiology. In fact we guarantee it on a money back basis.

Our Market

Our clients include a broad spectrum of people from all over the world whose concern for their well being shows a preference for organic products that contain no food additives or chemicals. Many of our clients are health practitioners whose standards of excellence demand the highest quality nutritional products for themselves and their patients. We are attractive to people who support their bodies with high quality resources they can count on.

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Lifestar nutritional supplements are formulated to make a difference. You define what that means for you. If you are not satisfied within 30 days, your purchase price will be refunded less any shipping and handling charges. Simply call to let us know your intention and return the unused portion of the product to us in its original container following the instructions on the Order Form.

Lifestar Living Food Concentrates are guaranteed to out-test any other vitamin or vitamin/mineral supplement in the world using any of the following energy testing techniques: Interro, Vega, Voll, Electro-dermal screening, or any form of Applied Kinesiology... Or your money back.

Bringing the body to a state of well being from a compromised condition is a process. A toxic body must first be cleansed, damaged cells must be recreated, deficiencies repaired, and the sources of ill health manifesting as symptoms must be corrected before well being can fully express itself. Symptoms are the body's call for help, advising that something needs attention. To countermand that cry for help with drugs or procedures that prevent the body from corrective measures does not cure the causes of symptoms. It merely masks them. Such measures will ultimately take their toll.

Since most people are in a compromised state, it is easy to misinterpret what the body is doing as it goes through the process of coming into balance. Often people interpret healing or cleansing reactions as an allergic reaction and reject a product just when it may be doing the most good.


Lifestar nutritional supplements work with the body's systems to provide resources that support the body in restoring health. In this process, the body will generally clean out and readjust what needs attention in a manner that most people experience as an increase in well being. Occasionally, some people experience certain indicators that a deeper cleansing or adjustment is occurring. We wish to emphasize that detoxification and cleansing are serious endeavors that are better taken slowly. If you exhibit an uncomfortable increase in such symptoms, cut back your dosages and increase your clean water intake until you are comfortable. It is much kinder to take longer to get the results you desire and to enjoy the process to health. Kindness establishes a foundation upon which healthful practices can be developed.

The more ill one is, the more margin there is to experience well being, but even if you already enjoy good health or have minor problems, using these products should increase your sense of well being, too. The only qualification we make, is that one cannot eat junk food, take abusive substances, or engage in damaging practices and expect a product to overcome such assaults. One can expect these products to support people who are willing to make a commitment to their health and do what is consistent with achieving that.

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